The Truth about 'the Pill'

Did You Know?...A few facts about the Birth Control Pill

Cancer and 'The Pill'

**Pill using women in the 25 - 50 age group are twice as likely as non-pill users to die from cancer

**There is an 80% increased risk of developing breast cancer before you are 50 if you have used the pill for four years or more

**Cancerous Melanomas and ovarian cysts have risen among women of all ages who have used the pill

Blood Clots and 'the Pill'

**Hormones in the pill directly effect a woman's blood clotting ability, thus causing a dramatic rise in blood clots among pill users

**Blood clots often start in the legs, but may travel up to the lungs to cause fatal lung clots

**Blood clots directly related to the pill can cause pill users a four times greater increase in strokes

**High Blood Pressure is twice as likely to strike pill users as non pill users

**There is a 6 times greater risk of having a brain haemorrhage related to blood clots for pill users

**This statistic goes up to 22 times greater if you also smoke cigarettes

**Dangerous blood clots from the pill can occur all over your body - from lungs and liver, to abdomen and legs

**The pill leads to hardening of the arteries

Mood Changes/Depression and 'the Pill'

**Pill users are 4 times more likely to be admitted into the hospital for attempting suicide than non-pill users

**There is a noted increase in the number of battered/abused children among mothers who use the pill

**Accidents, accidental poisonings, and even murder are higher among women who use the pill compared to non pill users

**Pill users have twice the number of accidental deaths as non pill users

**Pill users are twice as likely to divorce as non pill users

***The pill is ABORTIFACIENT! This means that one of the ways in which it works is to actually abort an already-conceived child - this occurs from 5% to 50% of the time when the pill is used (depending on the type of pill). Many women are unaware that they are actually having abortions on a regular basis when they use the pill.

Other Noted Pill Side Effects...
**There have been over 60 adverse side effects documented with using the pill

**There is an increased risk of developing gall bladder disease by pill users

**There is an increase in diabetes among pill users

**The pill may disrupt liver functioning and lead to anorexia and bulimia

**Headaches are 3 times more likely to occur to pill users; migraines are twice as likely to occur

**There is a higher incidence of epilepsy and schizophrenia among pill users

**The 'progesterone-only' pill is directly linked with the dramatic rise in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) among young women

**MS among young women has doubled since the pill came into use

Future Pregnancy and 'the Pill'

**The Pill can make a woman permanently unable to ovulate even after it is discontinued. This may be a main reason why a full 20% of couples are clinically diagnosed as 'inferile' today

**Conception too quickly after the pill is discontinued may cause permanent changes in the developing baby's brain

**Unknowingly taking the pill while you're pregnant can cause an increased risk of chromosome abnormalities in the baby

**Hormones in the pill can cause a 23 times greater risk of your developing baby having limb defects, if the pill is unknowingly taken while pregnant

**Women who have used the pill have a higher rate of miscarriage, stillbirths, and even twinning


The information on this page is not intended to upset, alarm or anger. It is intended to simply portray the truth about the 'Perfect Contraception'. You've already heard about the one or two alleged 'health benefits' of the pill, now hear the truth about the over 60 serious side effects and arm yourself with full knowledge of this contraception.

Where did this information come from?

This information is taken from the book, "The Bitter Pill: How Safe is the 'Perfect Contraception'?" by Dr. Ellen Grant, one of the pill founding physicians. The book is published by Elm Tree Books, London.

In the forward of Dr. Grant's book, she bravely states: "I have been told I should not write this book unless I had an alternative. It is a lifetime's work just trying to understand the problems. The search for something better belongs to us all."

Studies to support all of the information were done by the Royal College of General Practitioners, Oxford University, The American Walnut Creek Contraceptive Study, The Journal of the American Medical Association, The British Journal of Family Planning, and World Medicine Journal and are directly sourced in this book.

Feel free to write me - no flames, please. Honest questions are welcome!