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A website dedicated to Simple ways to make money and save money!

When I quit my job a few years ago in order to stay home with my kids, we had to find ways to cut our budget and live more frugally. This website is devoted to sharing some simple ways to save money in your daily living, as well as make money!

Tip #1: COFFEE LOVERS: Do you like those fancy "General Foods International Coffees"? (Mocha is my personal favorite!) They are delicious, but quite expensive! Here's a way to make your own wonderful tasting Mocha coffee that tastes just as good! Combine these ingredients and ENJOY!

I cup of hot water (microwaved)

I tsp of instant coffee - (use generic! It tastes just as good and saves you a bundle!)

2 tsp of hot chocolote mix

1-2 tsp of non dairy creamer

Stir and enjoy!

Tip #2: GROCERY SHOPPING BLUES....If you're spending a small fortune, here's a tip. Try going to stock up stores like "Aldi's". These places sell lots of generics, but most are quite good. We used to shop at a local big chain grocer, but switched to doing about 80% of the weekly shopping at Aldi's. It cut our weekly food bill by nearly $30! That's $120 a month in your pocket!

Tip #3: DIAPERS DILEMMA! If you just can't bring yourself to use clothe (the most economical), then at least save a bundle by buying store brand, off name brand and generic diapers. They often cost $2 - $3 less per package and you don't need coupons. Try around, some are better than others....

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Tip #4: STRETCHING THE MEAL....Here are great ways to stretch a meal to feed several:
1. Use Boxed Potatoes to make full meals! You can buy the generic/store brand of boxed dried potatoes (cost less than $1). Fix it up, then add a pound of browned ground beef, 2 tsp. of taco seasoning, top with shredded cheddar and microwave a couple of minutes until all is melted. Voila! This makes a great meal that can feed a whole family (I have six kids!) - we call it "Taco Potatoes".
2. Use Boxed/frozen Pasta 'starter' meals - You can buy the boxed or frozen (bagged) pasta starter meals and make them go much further than the label directions. Just add the meat as directed, but also cook up another couple of cups of pasta (any kind) and throw it in. There's always plenty of extra sauce to cover it, and you can make a meal for four stretch easily to feed 8 or more!

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Tip #5: SHOP ON THE NET! - YOU BET! There are great cyberbargains on the Internet. Many stores offer reduced rates for their goods and products on the Internet because of the low overhead (as opposed to shopping in a store). Some sites offer an "Internet Discount" - many also offer secure, safe online ordering. It's a great way to shop! I was looking at a $200 juice extractor (advertised on t.v.) - the company had an internet address, so I checked it out. I found they also offered an Internet Special of another more basic model which only cost $79! The shipping/handling was free, and I got the product in two days. Some online shopping malls, like Spree, offer a continual discount on everything of 10% to 40% off the normal retail.

Tip #6: BUBBLES! BUBBLES! Okay - if you have kids, you know that a cheap form of entertainment is bubbles! It can keep them entertained for hours! When you run out (or they inevitably get spilled!), don't buy more! Just fill the bottle with water and a couple of drops of liquid dishwashing detergent and shake!

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Tip #7: SECOND MORTGAGE OPPORTUNITIES? - We wanted a new, larger van, but could not afford the monthly payments. We discussed it with our banker and found we could roll the amount of the van loan into our already existing second mortgage. We got a new, much needed (LARGER) van, our second mortgage payment on the van was only $60/mo, and all the interest is tax deductible. Yes, we'll be paying it out over a longer period of time, but for families who just can't do it any other way, it's a good option to consider.

Tip #8: PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM! Do you have a treadmill or other type of excercise equipment that's gathering dust somewhere? C'mon! The intentions were good when you first purchased it, but why not consider selling it? Many major cities now have used sporting goods/consignment shops (like "Play It Again Sports") that will purchase your used sporting equipment. And, if you're in the market to buy a new treadmill, stairstepper, etc., check these places first! We bought a used stairstepper in excellent condition that retailed over $200 for just $59!

Tip #9: GENTLY USED BABY STUFF...Like the consignment shops for sporting goods,many major cities now have consignment shops for gently used baby clothing and accessories. Whether you need to unload your old baby stuff, or are in need of purchasing items for your baby, check them out. The most common one is a chain called "Once Upon a Child", but there are others. I bought a baby sling carrier which retails for over $40 for just $20.

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Tip #10: REFINANCING? CHECK OUT THE NET: Thinking about re-financing your home mortgage loan or getting a new mortgage? Check out the incredible savings you can find by applying for a mortage online! Internet Morgtage brokers can save you up to 70% off in closing costs - that's hundreds or thousands of dollars in your pocket. One of the best is called 'HomeShark' - ( They have lots of helpful information on re-financing or getting a loan, how to figure what your monthly payments would be depending on various down payment scenarios, etc...

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Tip #11: ALSO CHECK OUT THE NET for lots of freebies. Just do a search on 'free' and you'll get lots of sites where you can request freebies of all sorts. If you'd like to have a website to promote your own cause or personal webpage, check out TRIPOD They, (along with others) offer free websites to anyone with internet access.

Tip #12: MAKE $ & SAVE $ AT THE AUCTION! There are great auctions online - the best is eBay Online Auctions. You can go here to buy or sell anything. Look around - have some old gifts you've never used, old jewelry you don't wear?...anything! You can sell it on eBay. You'll also find lots of great bargains there if you want to shop yourself! We bid on and won an $80 modem for $14!

Tip #13: MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR HOME COMPUTER - You bet! Lots of businesses online are looking for people to serve as online marketing reps. They pay you a commission for making sales and for signing others up as reps (MLM's). You do it all online via websites and email - no face-to-face sales! I found a few that are great because there are no start up costs or registration fees, and most provide you with an interactive free website to use as your promotional tool. Check out this site for more information! Great Free Home Based Business Ops

Do you have more money-making/money saving tips I can include here? Please write me and I'll be glad to!

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