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These are great online business opportunities which don't cost you any MONEY!

These business opportunities don't cost you a penny! You can start any or all of them TODAY--and start earning EXTRA MONEY right away!

These business opportunities are great for stay at home moms (like me!), or anyone who desires to make a little extra cash to help make ends meet. The amount of money you can make is up to you!

THE FIRST: You can become an Independent Partner for Spree Online Shopping, and begin your own free web business!

It's so simple - offers the finest in online shopping. You become a Spree Independent Partner by simply signing up, then referring your friends to shop at Spree!

All we ask is that you take a look at the great products and features at and tell everyone you know about it. And weíll pay you for it, every time one of those referred people makes a purchase at one of our stores. So your cash commissions begin the first time a referred person makes a purchase, and your commissions continue every other time that person makes a purchase. And when that referred person refers someone else, you receive commissions on all purchases made by the new referral, and by all subsequent referrals made by that person, and so on. The potential is nearly limitless.

If you have a Web site, we can create links to Spree or to specific products. Then, if someone goes through your site and makes a purchase, theyíll be tagged as your referral Ė for that purchase and for every other purchase that person makes, whether itís through your site or independently. Thatís a commission on every purchase, every time.

If you donít have a Web site, thatís OK. Just use word-of-mouth referrals, and the process is the same as if you had a Web site: The first time one of your referrals makes a purchase at Spree, that buyer is tagged as your referral. Then, every other time that referred buyer visits Spree and makes a purchase, you receive a commission. Every time, on every purchase.

To become a SIP (Spree Independent Partner) go here, Spree.Com Online Shopping! Hit on the link "What is SIP?" and learn more about this simple way to make residual income by just referring friends to shop!

The Second Opportunity is by introducing others to a no-risk, guaranteed approved major credit card. Not everyone has spotless credit, and those with any kind of credit history which is not clean can have a hard time getting major credit cards. At this site anyone is guaranteed to qualify for two unsecured credit cards just by meeting our basic requirements. At least 18 years of age? Make at least $95 a week? Have a valid Social Security Number? Been at your current job at least 6 months? You Qualify!!! You'll once again get a free website to promote this business. This site also offers other businesses, like Financial Services for Consolidating bills, and Financial Legal Credit Repair. You get a website for EACH service. You then publish your websites any way you wish, and everytime anyone takes advantage of any of the services, you get a commission. Also, you can earn further commission by recruiting others to be a Rep for this business organization. To become a Rep for Pro Link, Press Here

Another Opportunity to make money from your home computer is by selling webspace for Virtualis Systems. When a business wants to have a website on the WWW, they need a place to hold or store their website (a 'server'). Virtualis offers a complete and very affordable package to help new businesses acquire and maintain a website on the Internet. As a Virtualis Rep, you'll receive a free interactive website to advertise this business to those who are looking for a server to host their website. You can contact businesses in your own community, or just focus on advertising Virtualis with your website and by email. Everytime a new business signs up with Virtualis for website hosting services, you'll start earning commissions on their monthly webhosting fees. You also will be able to earn commissions by recruiting others to join Virtualis. This is a really neat set up and the website they give you is quite impressive!

To learn about becoming a rep for Virtualis, Go HERE

if you have a business and would like to get your website a permanent and affordable home on the WWW, Go HERE

Please write down the Sponsor ID of "MH12466 "

Here's another one that you can join for free. It also provides discount internet marketing tools for businesses who want a home on the WWW. Tools provided by this organization include domain names, autoresponders, secure forms, CGI's, Java, Email-on-Demand, and more. If you don't know what all these services are, don't worry! Just refer anyone you know who has a business on the internet, or who wants to have their business on the net to go here. Once those businesses have visited the Infoback website,they'll get all the information about what these things are and how they can help their own business. You don't have to explain any of it, just get them to go there! You do this by placing a banner ad on your own website or other websites, by advertising this service in your email signatures and to any other business you think might need such services for their internet website, and by linking the site to other sites (via free link pages and free ad pages.) The information at the NetOpp website will tell you how to do all these things once you've signed up to be a NetOpp agent. Of course, sign up is FREE! That's why I promote this business on this website! If you want to sign up with NetOpp, hit the link above and make note of the sponsor ID number, or else your application can't be processed. Check it out!

Here's one that's really painless. If you already have a website on the net, you can link it to "Submit It" and earn an instant commission off each person who chooses their services to advertise their website by submitting it to search engines. Go to Submit it Referral Partner Program - it's another one that is free to join and you just have to follow the directions to add their banner ad to your already existing website.

Finally, would you like to start a home based business which evangelizes the Catholic Faith while helping you to earn a significant secondary income? Check out the opportunity to become a representative for Providence House by going HERE

There are other programs out there, but these are so nice, because most provide you with a ready made website to use. You don't have to know anything about website design - they give you the website and take care of it for you! These are all unique also, because none of them have any start up costs or fees to pay in order to become a Rep. Please contace me if you find any other money making internet programs which meet these criteria for inclusion on my "Home Based Business Ops for Moms" page!

Questions about any of these programs? Write me!

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