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Fine Catholic Games to Learn the Faith

Divinity: The New Catholic Catechism Learning System. Given the Imprimatur, the Church's official Seal of Approval for publication, this learning system was created for the home, the classroom, and the parish. A fun and educational game that allows all who play it to learn more about the Catholic Church and its teachings. Suitable for ages 10 years and up. $24.95 -- JUST REDUCED! $19.95

Catholic Bible Bible Game - This fun-filled game inlcudes 750 questions and answers from Genesis through Revelation. Travel from creation to Christ in an adventure perfect for the whole family. A great resource to pass on the faith to loved ones. $24.95 -- JUST REDUCED! $19.95

Catholic Quiz Flip Books - With challenging and interesting questions from these books address the essentials of the Faith that every Catholic should know. These quiz books are a wonderful learning tool for kids with a quiz book available for 1st - 9th grades. $6.95 each book, or set of 9 books $59.95

Holy Traders Trading Cards - Cards depict the lives of hundreds of Saints. Each card contains not only a brief summary of the Saint's life but also their feast day, and a 'check it out' box with interesting Catholic facts and definitions. A wonderful learning tool and a fun activity. Set one Box of 30 - $7.95, Set two Box of 24 - $7.95