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Sacred Heart Badge: All moms should wear one, according to Our Blessed Mother in messages she gave to a young midwestern mother. For a Scriptural rosary booklet and prayers and how to pray the rosary and packet of blessed plastic rosary (cord), brown scapular and sacred heart badge send $3.00 US funds only to:The Way of Our Lady,P.O. Box 53475,Lafayette, LA 70505-3475, or to order a long-lasting plasticized one w/silver cross inside, Press here

11) Blessed Holy Cards: Get holy cards at any Catholic bookstore of your favorite saints or your childrens' patron saints and have them blessed by a priest. Start a collection of holy cards for your kids! They are much better than collecting sports cards! To see reasonably priced holy card sets that are great for collecting press HERE

12) Agnus Dei: This is a sacramental made of pure, white, virgin wax, blessed by Our Holy Father at certain seasons. Those who carry or venerate this are promised protection from tempests, lightning, fire, water, malice of demons and adversity, pestilence, sickness and sudden death. This sacramental, along with the Little Sachet (mentioned below) are both available for a $5.00 donation from: Discalced Carmelite Nuns, 73530 River Rd., Covington, LA, 70435-2206

13) The Little Sachet of the Adorable Name of Jesus: A small cloth piece which is meant to excite confidence in the invocation of the Adorable name of Jesus. Available through the address listed above with Agnus Dei.

14)The Green Scapular: This is a powerful sacramental that is especially efficacious in praying for someone's conversion or for non-believers. To learn more about it, Press Here To order a long-lasting plasticized one, Press here

The Cord of St. Philomena: This cord is worn like a belt or around the neck to obtain favors from this most wonderful saint. Countless favors have been obtained by her devotees by devoutly wearing the cord, which gives her honor and places you under her special protection in times of need. To learn more about this wonderful sacramental, PRESS HERE

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