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Awesome, Traditional Catholic Links

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(Hit the names of the sites that are colored and you're on your way...but don't forget to put a bookmark on this page so you won't lose it!), and when you're done surfing the net, please go back to the next section of the Catholic Mother's Internet Connection Website!

The Catholic Goldmine

This is by far the best website devoted to the promulgation of our faith. It has the most extensive listing of information regarding any aspect of the Roman Catholic Faith. It is all very traditional and orthodox. You may have accessed this page from here. There are so many places to visit in The Catholic Goldmine, you could spend hours see for yourself!

J.M.J. Products

To see/order inexpensive sacramentals for the home, handmade rosaries, medals, holy cards, and other items, check out our sponsor site.

Catholic Insight HomePage

Beautiful site for extensive apologetics information to learn to defend the faith. Don't miss this one!

Catholic Rubber Stamps - JLM ConnectionsNeat place to order lots of Catholic stamping kits and Catholic stamp products and supplies, as well as other craft items

An Expose of 'the Pill'

Check out this informative site which gives the real truth behind this most dangerous form of artificial birth control. An eye opener you'll want to print out and share!

Why 'Humane Vitae' is RIGHT!

This informative site explains more fully why the Catholic Church does not permit artificial contraception and sterilization. An excellent resource for explaining this often misunderstood Church teaching

In Defense of the Blessed Virgin Mary

This informative site explains more fully the Catholic Church's dogmas and doctrines related to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

For the Love of the Poor Holy Souls

This informative site explains more fully the Catholic Church's teachings regarding Purgatory - fascinating facts about the Poor Holy Souls! Don't miss it!

"Mass Abuses"

How well do you know the Catholic Mass? Take a very informative quiz about liturgical abuses at this site - it's become the 'talk of the Catholic net!' Neat site and you're sure to learn something!

Catholic Resources on the Net

This is a great place to find a variety of resouces available with lots of helpful listings to browse.

Catholic Links to Catholic Related Sites

This site has lots of interesting links to explore.

Catholic Kiosk Home Page

Here's another beautiful website with many interesting topics.

Catholic Online

More great Catholic related resources on the net!

Christus Rex

This is a gorgeous site to visit and has been voted one of the top sites on the net.

Fire4JC Homepage

This site has a wonderful set of prayers to read/print, including an awesome one for Spiritual Warfare.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Website

E.W.T.N. Website

Great place to pose questions to the experts in their 'discussion' area, plus E.W.T.N. t.v. and radio program guides, and other great information.

St. Philomena Website Learn more about this incredibly miraculous saint!

The Young Saints Club Website

Kurt's Computer Links to God

Mary Mother of Unity Website

WTS Catholic Website

The Beggar King Catholic Apologetics

The Unoffical Pope John Paul II Webpage

Prayer in the Home Press Website

The Carmelite Nuns


The Holy Rosary Website

The Word on the Web

Gospa Missions

Errors of the Protestant Reformation Website

John Bauer - Christian Musician

St. Catherine's Review: Bi-Montly Catholic Journal

The Holy Family Institute

Art for the Catholic Restoration Website

One More Soul Website A non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the truth about the blessings of children and the harms of contraception.

TOTALLY CATHOLIC E-ZINE ARCHIVES on the NET:  Go here to see past issues of this terrific monthly magazine devoted to the Faith.

Regina Caeli Catholic Website

Family Prayer Night Apostolate Website

Keeping It Catholic Homeschool Resource Website

Gerry Matatics Home Page

The Catholic Pages

The Catholic Start Page - Make this your start up page! Neat site!

Saints Name Page

Peter's Voice Neat site -- news and updates, audio and video links and more!

STRETCH YOUR DOLLAR Tips  Okay, this one has nothing to do with the Faith, it's one of my other websites! It has lots of great tips for us to stretch our dollars!

BGCO (Bride and Groom Communication Online-Marriage Preparation)